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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on 9/11. why won't he say it secretary of state john kerry refusing to say we are at war for isis. and president obama, his plan for isis, is it a real plan? a plan to destroy isis, or is it just treading water. senator john mccain, karl rove, oliver north, kevin mccarthy, they will all go on the record about president obama's plan to defeat isis. america's facing this
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>> tell the american people the truth! we need to do a lot more. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> secretary of state john kerry said to cnn that he would not say the united states is at war with isis. he said what we're doing is engaged in a very significant counter terrorism operation. >> you know, it's hard to find a response for that. then what was the president talking about last night if they're just counter terrorism
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organization? then we just want to contain them. because if you can contain terrorist organizations then you don't have to worry about them. i thought the president said last night three wanted to defeat them. this is just like john kerry when the president said he was going to attack syria in response to the chemical weapons issue. in john kerry's words, the attack would be unbelievably small. this is john kerry, vintage. >> is this secretary of state kerry going rogue on the white house? or saying this is not a war, it's just a counter terrorism operation. >> it's hard to know, because the president's speech last night was extremely din injen with us, one, by saying it was just like yemen and somalia. we have nibbled around the edges of yemen and somalia, but the
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difference between, if the president doesn't understand the difference between isis and somalia and al qaeda and yemen, then he doesn't understand. he's oblivious to the size, shape, strength and ability of isis. >> i think we should lay that out. isis is almost like a nation within a nation. >> absolutely. >> it's a huge piece of property. and it as millions of people were tens of thousands of actually isis members. >> with thousands more coming in. >> and filthy rich. yemen and somalia are little pockets of terrorists. >> even in somalia, the terrorists don't have the tanks and humvees and things that isis was able to capture in mosul. they are not really threatening, even baghdad to some extent. and there are hundreds of millions of dollars. it's like comparing a little league team to the new york
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yankees. i would like to mention one thing the president said last night. in that, he said we are safer. that america is safer. did you hear him say that? >> yes, and i know baghdadi said see you in new york. and i know they can travel with passports. >> and the president also continues to throw in issues such as the economy and, by the way, we're beating back the russians. he just sort of threw that in. i was astounded by that. but the president did not convince any of the american people last night that we are serious, in my view. and i would like to just mention my little encounter with jay carney, the former spokesman for the white house. he said that the free syrian army was stronger now. the reason why he said that is because we all know that the president overruled his whole national security team, including secretary of state, when they recommended arming the
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free syrian army when the free syrian army was much stronger, much bigger, much more capable. because since then, isis and bashar al-assad have been attacking them and having them on the ropes. so then, mr. carney says, well, the free syrian army is stronger now. that was just a blatant lie. and there are two other points i'd like to make. one, when the president decided we would leave iraq, and he decided it, and they keep saying that he wanted to keep a force there. that's not true. >> that's a lie? >> that is a lie. lindsey graham and i were in baghdad, by the way. >> he could have got and agreement? >> absolutely. >> why didn't he say that? >> because he's saying it because of the fact that we, because we left has now set in train all the events. isil was almost in nonexistence then. by the way, in 2008, when i said we would have to keep a residual
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force in iraq. >> it was at a town hall in new hampshire. >> i was destroyed. and the other one is that we can somehow attack isil, but leave bashar al-assad alone. we can't. we've got to go after both of them. >> well, let's face it. many americans are worried, worried isis will attack the u.s. and they have good reason. they have seen the beheading of the two americans. and the fear is bad political news for democrats. a new poll showing americans think that republicans would do a better job of keeping us safe. 55% think that republicans will better protect the country against terrorism, while only 32% think democrats will. that poll was done before president obama's speech last night. so will the speech change any minds? karl joins us. i should say karl rove. >> it will make the number grow
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an a little not a lot, but a little. >> in favor or disfavor. >> in stronger action against iraq. the republicans will do better over the long haul, because you will have democrat voices like senator udall, desperate to keep his seat. and what he did was come out in opposition of the president. 82% of americans think congress ought to vote to give the president what he asks for. >> the interesting thing about that is that what the president has asked for may not be the solution to actually getting rid of isis. i mean, he's not, he wants to do it essentially from arming the rebels in syria, and there are 26 groups to arm. he wants to help the iraqi government, and iraqi government is an a little shaky.
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yes congress is going to authorize that, but what are they authorizing? a solution or pay off our fear because americans are scared? >> let's give the man his due. there are three big things from the speech last night that are good. one is that he's committed to the goal of the defeat of isis. remember, we had this speech and the prepared remarks he made on a foreign trip recently when he said degrade and destroy. and then when we got into the q&a, he said we want to make it a manageable problem. he cannot step back from the goal of defeating isis. second of all he admitted to defeat them he had to go into syria. >> what do you mean by going? ? . >> i'm going to give him one more piece of credit. he also said we're not going to take action until the government of iraq has been reorganized. it has been reorganized. and that removes his ability to withdraw. you're right, though, he's going to face in the next four or five
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months, four or five instances where he's going to be sorely tested. because what he said last night about what we won't do, the military's going to come to him and say you need to do that. for example, what happens when iraq and kurd forces begin to move on the second largest city in the country, mosul, and they need close air support by the u.s. air force and the u.s. navy, and the military says, mr. president, we have to have american personnel as air controllers to make sure that we actually hit the right targets. >> well, there's also another promise that they need sunni help right there in mosul, and the sunnis, they don't trust the shiite iraqs out of baghdad. they don't trust them at all. >> there's a good chance of breaking them away from that because of the activities of isis, but you bring up another issue. you're going to have the necessity of american personnel to help train and lead these forces to confront isil, and you can't do that from inside the green sown in the u.s. embassy. you're going to have to have
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people in harm's way. senator mccain was right. hate to say it, but if we are going to achieve this goal, we are going to have to have people to help guide them. >> the president is asking congress for money. and in some ways is it financing our fear? because we so desperately want something. >> look, he had to act. and he had to act because he had ignored the problem for a long time. i'm going to give him credit, though, that he believes that the strategy ought to be executed. my point is, is he going to face technical difficulties along the way. joe biden kept talking about how we could take care of afghanistan by being basically out of afghanistan and sending in our special operators to do tar getted counter terrorism measures. what happens, at some little camp we have identified isis number two guy in their command structure. do we say to the iraqis, you go
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get them or do we want to make sure we get them and send in u.s. special operators? all these things are going to snowball. he's going to have to do some things to live up to the promise of degrading and destroying isis. >> joining us, is our panel. byron, you named in an article, five pit falls. >> if there's anything in our experience in iraq it's that things can go terribly, terribly wrong. first, his entire plan supposes an inclusive iraqi government. he says one has been formed. if that stays inclusive, that will work. i don't think there's a lot of reason to be optimistic, given what we've seen among iraqis. the second is this whole boots
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on the ground problem which is -- >> whose boots? >> exactly. a lot of experts say you're not going to do this with air power alone. you need boots on the ground. >> but if we were to train boots on the ground, it's going to take a long time. as we train boots on the ground, isis gets better. >> to achieve our objective, we are totally dependent on a surrogate army. that's what general keen was saying last night. that's a very tough position to be in. >> your thought about the president's plan? >> i think that they're simultaneously trying to downplay the commitment here while the president, one of the big messages last night is that it's going to take a while. it's clear that it could extend past his presidency, and of course the whole rationale for electing barack obama for a lot of democrats was to get us out of this sort of unending war. >> which is terrible that politics, when we're talking about life or death on the
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ground there. the politicians here are worried about promises. >> yes, but they're also, voters are worried about sort of the compact that they made when they lekk elected this guy. >> they need to get over it, because isis is very dangerous. unless we decide that we're not going to do anything about it at all. >> we've had a remarkable turn around in these numbers. we've had the american people leading the commander in chief. they see this as a real threat. they may not want to be as hawkish as some people do. >> the white house likes to say it's the media, we're hyping it. obviously, the beheading of these two very brave american journalists had a lot to do with the public's fear. but i think they see weakness in the president. i think they've heard the president all summer long play this down. deather, say things like it's
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jv, these are just pharmacists. and they're worried about the president's commitment to this cause. they know they don't want ground troops, but they don't know what else needs to be done. they want to trust their president, and they don't. so what happens today? after he gave a pretty good speech, i thought last night, today the secretary of state comes out and says i don't know if i can say this is a war. >> i listened to richard ingle what he had to say on another network when he took apart the speech. because i thought it was a dazzling speech last night, too, until i listened to what he had to say, because he's there in r in erbil. >> the president insists that he has the authority to do this. a lot of bush administrations officials agree with that. en but if they're going to call
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it a war -- >> he's worried about calling about a war because of the left. >> we're going to be right back. this is a fox news alert. secret service confronting a man who jumped the white house fence. it all happened right in front of our fox crew. ed henry joins us live. what happened? >> reporter: a scary few moments. we were about to go on the air live with bret baier. craig savage, ed lewis and i, the crew here for fox started hearing screaming, like get down, get down, because a fence jumper had jumped over. i think you see pretty dramatic video. and the secret service was yelling for him to get down. they had guns drawn, assault weapons. we see this from time to time. and usually there's nothing, but what was different, i looked to my right to the fence, and there were dozens and dozens of tourists running away from the
4:16 pm
gate. and of course it's the 9 /11 anniversary. normally they resolve this with a few seconds. i heard the dogs barking, the guns drawn. this time, the guy appeared to be hiding behind a bush or something, and they didn't immediately want to shoot him or send the dogs after him, it appears he had a stuffed animal in his hand, not a weapon, it appears no one was hurt. but certainly a scary moment. president and the first lady were away. so they were not in immediate danger, but for someone to jumped fence on the 9/11 anniversary and put a scare enough that they had their weapons drawn, we don't know the name of the suspect but he has been apprehended. a girl captured and given to
4:17 pm
terrorists. john kerry refuses to say we're at war with isis. and the blade runner, in the middle of the night firing bullets into his girlfriend through a bathroom door. he was arrested for murder. and today he got the news. the judge stunning the courtroom with that news. the latest from south africa, coming up. spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. [ male announcer ] momentum has a way
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a 14 year old girl experienced first hand the unspeakable horrors of the viciousness of isis. she was captured by the terrorists who then murdered her brother. next she was given to an isis commander as a gift, but
4:21 pm
miraculously she escaped and is telling her story. her story was reported for the washington post. mohammed, tell me about this girl. >> reporter: well, her name is nari. that is the name i used in the story. of course that is not her real name. she is a 14 year old woman. and on august 3rd, when isis advanced toward her village she escaped with her family, and they decided to go to a nearby mountain which i'm sure you have heard on the news about where tens of thousands of yazidis were trapped for a while. but somewhere on the way between the village and the mountain her family is basically captured by isis along with a few other families who were fleeing together. and then the girls and young women are basically separated
4:22 pm
into one group, and the young, capable men are also put into a different group. the men are killed. the women are taken away. and the elder ly, some of them were left basically on their own to go away. but we have also heard the stories and reports about in some other cases, some of the elderly people also being shot and killed. >> and now this 14 year old child is where? and i take it this is not unusual. there are others like her? >> reporter: absolutely. her story is only one of a several hundred cases of young women being taken away and held captive by isis.
4:23 pm
she was near iraqi kurdistan, and she now lives there with her parents and with some other relatives. it's actually, the family all live in the same house. >> mohammed, thank you so much. i know there are so many others like this. >> reporter: thank you. and here is a stunner. stebt john kerry refuses to say the united states is at war with isis. >> is the united states at war with isis? it sure sounds from the president's speech that we are. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. i think what we are engaging in is a very significant counter-trour operation. if someone wants to think of it as being a war on isil, they can do so, but the fact is, it's a major counter terrorism
4:24 pm
operation. >> if we are not at war, exactly what are we doing? lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us. >> crazy. i mean, it's, news flash for mr. kerry. we may not be at war with isil, but they are at war with us, as is the rest of radical islam, and apparently no one in this administration understands that. consider last night. that we were told that what he was going to do is expand the air operations against isil. didn't mention radical islam. in fact, denied that they're really islamists. they're just terrorists. he's got more faith in air power than billy mitchell. if you don't know who he is, go google it. he's essentially the guy that said air power can win wars. but wars are won with people
4:25 pm
with rifles going into places where bad people live that you want to defeat, with whom you are at war or they at least are at war with us. they've missed the boat on this one. >> i guess what's so -- so the president wants us to partner up with the rebels, train them, advise them, and also with the iraqi military, but he is also asking money from congress, and everyone is so, like, everyone is full of fear right now. so of course congress is going to authorize this, but they're going to authorize a plan that may not essentially be the right plan to deal with the crisis. >> well, he has set the objective, which is, to quote, disrupt, destroy. >> everybody's on board with that one. >> that's a great goal. wonderful, he stated it. but he doesn't have the means to do that. for example the air power alone won't do it. if we're going to send the free syrian army, since we wouldn't help before when they needed it, they now have to fight two-front
4:26 pm
war, against assad and against isil. >> the thing is, he's not, he's asking for monday even from congress and congress is going to give him money to fight it from there. >> well, but somebody's going to have to appropriate the money to train and -- >> wouldn't it be better to fund and agree to a plan that everyone thinks can work? >> yes, but he doesn't know what the plan is. he doesn't have a plan. that's the real problem. >> but congress is going to go along with this. >> that remains to be seen, because one of the things that would have brought more of our allies in. >> you notice great britain said today we're not going in in any way. so now our nine-person coalition includes albania, but what we don't have are the means to do the kinds of things he's talking about. so you're not talking about a
4:27 pm
matter of weeks or months to arm the free syrian army. you're talking years. you're not talking weeks or months to build -- >> and in the meantime, isis keeps growing. it outpaces us. >> not only with radical sunnis. it is growing with radicals from elsewhere in the world, many of whom, he acknowledged, have passports from the united states of america. that's the real problem on this anniversary of 9/11. that's the problem. >> good to see you. and leader mccarthy has a warning about what president obama said last night. endless choices! endless variety! kick it up with our spicy new wood-grilled sriracha shrimp and it's back: parmesan crusted shrimp scampi! the year's largest variety of shrimp flavors! so many to explore! as much as you like, any way you like! endless shrimp is here! but not for long. so hurry in and sea food differently.
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announcing his strategy against isis. kevin mccarthy says the president exposed too much to the enemy. we spoke to senator mccarthy on capitol hill. >> this is something that not only the house but the american public is trying to push him to, develop a strategy with the middle east. the difficult i have with it, i never develop a strategy and then let my enemies know what i will or will not do. this is a president, that his whole foreign president about ending the war or terror, now he has to find a way of winning the war or terror. >> behind closed doors, and i know there ared briefings, did you get a different strategy?
4:32 pm
the whole idea is not to tip your hand to injure enemies and lay out your strategy so the enemy knows it. at least behind closed doors, do you have a better idea of the strategy? >> you get a little more, but there's not that much more that you hear, and there's a lot of things that they shouldn't tell to be able to go through, but can you win it just by the air? i would never tell my enemies when i'm coming, but i wouldn't also say things i would not do. i mean, to me, it's not about disarming. it's about destroying. you just going to win, you're going to find them wherever they are, and there will be no safe haven for them. that would be clear enough for me. >> reporter: many people say you can't win without going after isis in syria with boots on the ground. you can't do it from 35,000 feet. do you agree with that? >> you cannot win just by the air, but that's part of what the president is asking right now, called title x and dod.
4:33 pm
now those boots on the ground are going to become the rebels over there that will fight them, but are they sophisticated enough? are they going to be able to do the job? i would not take something away. i would do whatever it takes to win. >> what is the military saying to you? anything at all about whether they're satisfied with the president's strategies? has he laid out how long it will take? >> there are a few that have talked to us so far. we've had classified briefings with dempsey and others. they've been planning a lot of these different strategies out. so we'll have to wait and see. it's going to take some time. but the longer you wait, the stronger isil gets. and we all know what a sobering day we are today talking about this, we know what happened 13 years ago, people who built their own state.
4:34 pm
we shouldn't take this lightly. that's why all focus should be on this. >> when do you think there will be a vote on this? >> we hope next week. we postponed the resolution. we had a classified briefing for all. and i've shifted where we're bringing congress back in earlier so we can get all our answers given to us and the questions we want to ask, to be able to have the debate. >> tuesday can be tricky getting the votes. but i'm curious what the support is in the house for this? >> i think you'll find on both sides people would like to see a complete strategy, not a partial strategy. but that doesn't mean you can't go forward with this. but it doesn't solve the whole problem. >> what did we get out of an impartial strategy. >> we start to engage. >> is that mission creep? >> i have always felt that you have to have a clear definition of where you're going to go.
4:35 pm
we know isil tens to grow. we know by, we have been pushing the president quite some team to act. he has not. and what happened? they have grown. so i don't think we should wait around. we need to engage now. and that means iraq is also building and training individuals. and it also means in syria, taking out some of their resources where they gain money. that will weaken them at the same time. and, but we have to continue in my view to get a complete strategy and not announce to them what we will and will not do. >> do you think the president did that last night? i don't think he gave a timetable. he didn't say specifically. he was actually quite vague. there weren't that many specifics. >> he doesn't have to be all the way, but i would be clear. to he, it's destroy them. it's straightforward of what you want to do. we win, they lose. >> you don't think he did that
4:36 pm
last night? >> not completely, no. >> why? not why do you think that, why do you think he didn't do that? >> i just think the president, when he looks to his whole foreign policy, he wants to end the war on terror. you have to win the war on terror to end it. and when you seat up a timetable like in afghanistan when you're going to depart, you're telling your enemies what's going to happen. i think you have to destroy them first, win it and then you can walk away. >> and you can see the rest of our interview, just go to and straight ahead, are president obama and secretary of state kerry talking to each other? less than 24 hours after the speech, secretary of state kerry would not say we are at war with isis. shocking stuff out of the african courtroom. the latest on the blade runner verdict coming up. have moderatee crohn's disease.
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is the united states at war with isis? it sure sounds from the president speech that we are. >> i think that's the wrong terminology. what we are engaging in is a very significant anti-terror operation. and it's going to go on for some period of time. if someone wants to think of it as a war with isil, they can do so, but the fact of the matter is, it's a major counter-terrorism operation with many moving parts. >> what was the president talking about last night? our political panel is back.
4:42 pm
i don't know, if counter terrorism operation is a different strategy than war, this really makes a difference. >> okay. to most people, if you build an international coalition and send in the military to blow people up and kill them, that is a war. if the vice president of the unit is saying we are going to follow them to the gates of hell, that is a war. >> then why is he saying that? >> you know, why, why john kerry decided to sort of parse this today, i don't know, but, you know, again, i mean, i think to the american people this looks like a war, and that means you we win it or you don't win it. >> do you have any thoughts on why secretary of state kerry would say that? >> the president has a long history with am bibivalence abo war and peace. he's worried about his left
4:43 pm
flank. liberals don't want to -- there's no reason to go to war. so they're trying to play, what's happening is they're not being clear. most people in this country would tell you they don't know what the right thing to do is, they trust their president to do it. so be clear about what you're going to do until you change your mind. and he's not being clear. he talked about war yesterday. it sounded like a war speech to me and most americans. and then john kerry seems to back off. it's not smart. >> also, president obama is the president who ends war. he's not the president who begins wars. >> is it really that important? circumstances change. >> if you look at the election of 2012 it was darned important. >> i got that, but, if we need to be at war, if this is something we need to do, and that's a debate we really still need to have. are we still going to hang onto
4:44 pm
something, is he going to hang onto something he said in 2012 or 2008? >> also he is right about concerns on the president's left. look what's happening in the house right now. the president says he doesn't need congressional authorization to do this big operation. he also doesn't need money because they have money already in what's called the overseas contingency funds to do that. but he has asked permission from congress to authorize him to train and equip the syrian rebelling. he needs permission for that. democrats don't want to vote for that. they want to come out and say i'm in favor of that. so ha they're trying to do is mix it in with the continuing resolution to fund the government. >> so we rise above politics, that's just phony? everyone's for himself? >> i think the best argument for going to congress and having this conversation is the clarity that it brings about.
4:45 pm
>> and cover. political cover. >> i also think that you get a much clearer definition of what your goals are, of how far you are willing to go. and, you know, that's pbenefit, because you know that everybody goes into it on the same page and expecting the same results. >> 20 seconds. >> you're talking about a congress that doesn't exist anymore. if this gets thrown to these jokers, who can't keep the government open, you think you're going to be able to debate war and peace? >> this is one thing that you're supposed to rise above. >> we're incapable. right now this town is incapable. >> you heard it here. they're incapable. the oscar pistorius trial is far from over. don't forget to watch hannity tonight. sean talks to members of the benghazi annex security team. t.
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a bombshell in the blade runner murder trial. oscar pistorius is found not guilty of the premeditated murder but not off the hook yet. they have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is not guilty of a premeditated murder. >> it doesn't matter what happens to oscar because my daughter is never coming back. >> there is enough enough to support such a find. >> i unlocked the door and flew it open and i sat over reeva and cried. >> the judge said pistorius was
4:51 pm
negligent. >> i lost the most precious thing in my life, myself and my husband. our daughter, beautiful daughter. >> the evidence failed to establish the accused had the intention to kill the deceased, let alone with premeditation. >> we just want the truth. >> the verdict is expected tomorrow and joining us from south africa, defense lawyer william boots. nice to have you join us, william. when you hear the judge say negligent homicide or negligent murder, that sounds to me a little like what we have here called manslaughter. so he's still at risk for doing time, is he not? >> absolutely. it's the negligent killing of somebody, in other words, in terms of the law is whether or not somebody acted as a reasonable citizen would have and that, i believe, is a very, very strong chance that the judge, in fact, will make that
4:52 pm
finding tomorrow. >> if the judge makes that finding of a negligent death, negligent murder, will he necessarily go to prison or can he get some other lesser penalty like a house arrest or something? >> premeditated murder and they are sitting, managing, and could face imprisonment if the judge has found that the there was premeditation, which i believe correctly the evidence, not enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to have found that. i think many people in south africa have criticized they are not finding absolute intention to kill.
4:53 pm
in other words, maybe there was an argument and he acted on that. so the minimum sentence to manslaughter, he could face time in jail because yeah, obviously very serious and having fired four shots from his firearm is very serious. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. a programming note, tomorrow night only here "on the record" you'll hear from the parents of james folley for their first interview. we'll get the reaction from the isis plan and the foley's will tell you what they are doing to honor their son tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the record. and coming up, i'm going to take you off the record, september 11th, 13 years later.
4:54 pm
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>> let's go off the record for a moment. 13 years ago, our eyes changed. i was three blocks from the pentagon set for take off to new york, suddenly messages about planes crashing into the world trade center and the pilot announcing flight cancelled and returned our plane to the terminal. i will never forget what i heard. first, that american airlines plane revving up engines and suddenly the explosion as the plane steered into the pentagon and immediately a giant black cloud of smoke shooting up from the pentagon with tiny pieces of plane shooting up in the air in the smoke cloud in the silver
4:59 pm
pieces look like glitter in the black cloud. it was so awful. as the bright sun pierced the smoke, it made a glisten. it was terrible what i saw. as awful as what i saw and heard, nothing compares to what others endured. the deaths of so many americans and of course, deep enduring grief for their families and then of course, a different september 11th attack, the four americans at benghazi in the grief of their families. our hearts bleed for all these 9/11 victims but as we begin to say good night to september 11th, 2014, i want to remind everyone to thank all those great americans and there are thousands of them who served in our armed forces and thank also to their spouses and family whose have been very good to lend them to us because they are working so hard to keep all of us safe to make certain we never have a day like that again. so thank you to our military and also to the first responders and
5:00 pm
everybody else who helped. that's my off the record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we leave you with a look at the 9/11 tribute in light in new york city. never forget. good night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> you didn't choose to know your boss is the one that when the entire national security team wanted to arm and train them, that he turned them down. >> senator mccain talking about syrian muslims who oppose isis as president obama now scrambles to fight that threat. we'll have a number of reports this evening. >> there have been twitter social media exchanges among isil adherence across the globe speaking at that as a possibility. >> u.s. intelligence say terrorists may be trying to sneak across the southern boarder. why would they? >> let's not jump on


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